The Origins of Skinnysloths

​​Once a normal everyday sloth, skinnysloths lived in the trees of the Amazon near beautiful placid lagoon.  This lagoon was the hideout of Dr. Vilhem Freqi, a mad scientist who was dedicated to mastering the art of sonic therapy.  Dr. Freqi would perfect his art of beat chemistry and frequency modulation all day and night while skinnysloths napped in the trees.  For months skinnysloths absorbed the doctor’s musical influence feeling it was a therapeutic force.  

One day while skinnysloths was swimming in the lagoon a terrible accident occurred.  Dr. Freqi’s laboratory boat exploded killing Dr. Freqi instantly.  As the doctor’s secret potions, formulas, and beats fell into the water an unusual chemical reaction occurred.  Helpless and stunned, skinnysloths clung to a vine just above the water’s surface while the newly radioactive waters altered skinnysloths fur.

Finally emerging from the lagoon skinnysloths felt forever changed.  The beats and melodies of Dr. Freqi had infused themselves to the skinnysloths fur becoming own living musical ecosystem.  Now it was skinnysloths who would have to carry the torch of sonic therapy being forever influenced with the deep dark wonky influences of Dr. Freqi.  

Skinnysloths is signed to Disappointed Parents Records.