Welcome to the Swump

With incredible powers resulting from a catastrophic chemical explosion, skinnysloths is slowly following their mentor's footsteps unleashing new frequency therapies.  

Heavy beats, driving rhythms, and surreal sonic landscapes creating a headbanging vibe that sounds liked it was birthed from a radioactive disco lagoon.  

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Origins of Skinnysloths

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Artist Eli Libson and skinnysloths combined their powers to design some super rad merch. Flip through the gallery to get a preview of what's available at the skinnysloths shops. Most clothing, hoodies, hats and T's can be found at the Skinnysloth Spreadshirt Shop. Stickers, mugs, phone cases, and yoga pants are available through T Spring. Check out the skinnysloths shop here.

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Skinnysloths is signed to Disappointed Parents Records.